What’s your hip hop is our trash…

The state of hip hop may be going in a completely negative direction, with the exception of few emerging lyrical beasts like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and CyHi The Prynce.cyhi

Those who are a part of the small group unafraid to separate themselves from the Industry, the Image, and the glare of that All Mighty Dollar, seem to give Hip Hop hope. Young generations born after the height and ultimate praise of Hip Hop’s political movement/claim to performance art may be disillusioned by current radio trash. The poor babies who grew up in the late 90s and new millennium are stuck! Stuck is correct because they’ve gotten a taste of good and bad music with nothing to do but wait and see which will be the victor in a grievous battle.  There’s no where to turn. We all crave authenticity in this extra predictable, superficial reality, but fall victim to a catchy tune anyway. What else can we expect? There aren’t exactly endless choices of good and recent music to lean on nowadays.

Wonderfully enough, all hope isn’t lost. The realization that, oh yea, every great song and penetrating lyric from soul searching artists was always surrounded by fluff from others. Every song cannot be on the Top 10 Billboard charts (deserving to be there), and every song can’t have meaning (clearly, in this day and age). In order for greatness to truly show its face, there must be a something else that is mediocre. So, do we 1.)give music of today claiming true Hip-Hop and R&B a pass and nod our heads to it anyhow? Or 2) keep those select few good artists in our back pocket and wait for a better era in music to finally deliver us from this misery?

– Remains a daunting question.



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