Real Men Eat Salad

In honor of Women’s History Month (yes it is still Women’s History Month) I am going to examine a commercial that has recently been broadcast. As I am sure you, as the reader, have guessed this commercial was not very positive in light of women. Yes, there were elements in each, both quite subtle, that still caught the eye of millions within our nation. In 2014, entertainment media still puts forth millions of dollars in advertising to portray degrading messages to a society already well-groomed in double standard.

The commercial does something. It makes you remember it. Bingo! That is exactly what the advertisers and the company being promoted wanted to happen. However, at what cost do they wish to gain this remembrance? I won’t drag that last question out at the risk of beginning a long, monotonous and old lecture, especially since there are commercials and other forms of broadcast media with horribly overt sexism and belittlement. Nonetheless, no matter how big or small the portrayal, it has to be addressed, if not from anyone else, definitely by me!

The commercial does something else also: they send a message. That message overpowers whatever was supposed to be learned about the product, so shamefully the advertisement has failed in the main task, which was to gain interest in the new product. Now, it is apparent that the target market for this commercial is men, but so what? Women don’t have to be undermined because of that target. It looks to me like the advertising industry still needs more of a woman’s touch and needs it desperately.

Let’s watch the first video…

A Hardee’s commercial-

We all know the history of Hardee’s commercials *shakes head*…

First, reblog if you know a woman who can out eat a man on any given day… I for one can demolish food just because I love to eat.

2.) Eat like you mean it? So, I am guessing “eat like a man” is a synonymous statement. Since when does eating have to have a purpose other than to become full. What exactly are you “meaning” to do?

3.) It has gotten so deeply stereotypically, gender biased within our society that there have been associated connotations on the FOOD we eat. How in the world is it more manly to eat a hamburger than say, a salad, when neither will reflect the original composition once it’s time to go to the bathroom? (Just saying).

WHY MUST EVERY COMMERCIAL BE OVERWHELMINGLY SEXUAL OR DEGRADING TO WOMEN? Someone please answer that question for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Gender bias is so stupid and this commercial is idiocracy at its absolute best.


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