The blogger’s thoughts…Me, Myself, and I


What’s the best way to make a difference?

I personally find that it is the “small things” that enable the biggest outcomes. If you are familiar with the Butterfly Effect, then you understand my reasoning. It never takes a huge thing to cause something else.

In fact, everything is the effect of a cause and vice versa. With that being stated, start small in making a difference.

Ask yourself where can you begin on your own personal, daily routine without having to purposely do anything extra or add anything to your schedule. In what area of your day do you encounter an opportunity to help?

When you sit and think about it, you’d be surprised of how many opportunities that you can actually think of. Service is something readily given and should be readily given.

There are way too many, billions of people in the world to go an entire day without offering assistance or kind words to someone that needs them. Once again, service goes a long way and the simpler it is to you, the more likely it is to be of great impact to the person receiving it.

Let’s not have the only time you think about giving and affecting the lives of many be on holidays. Go further!

Make everyday a holiday, in a sense. I understand how easy it is to fall into routine and overlook the needs of others but once you realize the oversight, it is also easy to get into a new routine…

Help others for the simple reason that we are all human and need the help. As naturally social beings, we need human interaction and that is why the simplest things make a great difference: a smile to a stranger may just be that something that person needed in that moment.

You first make a difference just by thinking about others, and not living in a world of “me, myself, and I.”


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